Monday, August 29, 2011

First and Foremost..

Hey guys, so I’m going to be on here for the next couple of months blogging for my english class at Coastal Carolina University. I am 18 years old and am from South Jersey. Coming down here was very far but I quickly realized that everyone is either from Jersey,  Massachusetts or New York.  At Coastal I will be studying business marketing hoping to one day open up my own watersports company. I spend most of my time down the shore either working at a few jobs on the water or spending time at the beach. Coastal is a great place to beach lovers like myself and hope to get the most out of this university. 

When it comes to being close with my family I like to think I am very close and love spending time with them.  I have an older brother who is 22 and a graduate from Clemson University.  After watching my brother just go through the college experience it shows me to get involved in as much as I can with my time here. To do this I want to join a fraternity, getting involved in intermural sports and clubs. By doing so I hope to meet tons of people and do things I have never tried. College is all about learning who you are in these next four years.

            As to what sports teams I enjoy watching it easily is the Philadelphia Phillies and Eagles. Growing up in Phila I love going to different sporting events and going into the city. 

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