Wednesday, August 31, 2011

You May Now Kiss The Bride

Marriage really has come a long way. Now a days we get to meet our future lovers and get to actually know them, yet there is still a huge rate in divorce. When it comes to marriages in the United States about 50 percent of people are getting divorced and it seems so quick. Once they get married it seems the next minute the couple are in court signing the divorce papers.
            I realize that back in Greek and Roman times marriage wasn’t much about love but more of a business decision for the families. The wives were expected to take care of the household and bare children.  Where as today more women are in the working world alongside the men.  I think this is a good thing and a step forward but still don’t understand the high separation rate. When I decide to get married I know that I will be in love with the women along with be sure to learn what needs to be done to stay together forever. Another way I plan on having a good marriage is by having strong morals, communication and honesty. These elements are key to any good relationship. People these days get married with the thought of if I get married and don’t like it I can simply just get a divorce as apposed to actually working towards making things better.

            I think the marriage of couples has really changed for the better and is not as much as arranged as it used to be back when. Television shows have also shaped the way our society looks at marriage. With the elaborate weddings, dresses, ceremonies and other traditions it gets very expensive. The tradition and religious items are the way I want my wedding to be but that is not the only thing that matters when it comes to being joined with your love. 

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