Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Gay Marriage; The Rights They Should Have But Not Want

As an adult of today’s culture I must have an open mind of the new tends that are happening in our world today and one of them being gay marriage.  Growing up in South Jersey and being so close to Philadelphia I often took day trips into the city and spent time there, where they have a huge gay population as well. Walking through the gay community wasn’t anything different then walking down any other street minus seeing a few rainbow colored flags around. In my eyes they are not viewed as anything different.
When it comes to the gay marriage rules I think they should be able to get married, they are just trying to have the same rights as others in our world. For the homosexuals being able to get married would give them the feeling of being the same and not looked at differently. I know that marriage means a lot to them and everything but honestly I’m not sure why. When you look at our society of marriage in the United States its not exactly perfect. Almost fifty percent of couples get divorced and it leads to ending relationships more then anything. We put such a great emphasis on getting married that people think if you don’t get married you aren’t living your life correctly.  I believe that the gay marriage debate should be occurring and they need to right for their rights and have the same opportunities as anyone else.
When it comes to my opinion on the debate of gay marriage being legal I think it is an easy answer, it should be allowed. There is no reason why people have the authority to decide who can and cannot get married because they don’t agree with it. Couples getting married never affects anyone and does no harm so why shouldn’t they get the same rights and be able to tie knot as well. Homosexuals should want to get married because it ties the knots but not when the divorce rate is so high and watching how the couples who are married act once married to one another.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Reasons Behind Separation

When it comes to the issue of families falling apart and divorces we must look at the liberal side with domestic violence, economic insecurity and inadequate public support.  This is where most of our divorces come from due to them being a direct correlation between money issues and marriage disputes.
Domestic violence in a family is another big problem in marriages today whether it is the parents neglecting or abusing the children or even the violence between husbands and wives.  Growing up in a household as a child with parents fighting and screaming all the time is never a good environment for the kids. Parents sometimes think that they must stay together simply because they have a child together and this is not true at all. This is why we have divorce and unfortunately it does occur more often then not.  People also tend to get married much quicker then couples used too. This can hurt the relationship by not knowing exactly what people are getting into and not knowing their spouse well enough. This causes early problems in the marriage and quick divorces. When the couple doesn’t divorce it seems more common that domestic violence becomes the hitch.

            As for the economic insecurity the families face are the huge problems in relationships. With the job industry being so tough right now people are trying to round up as much money as they can to take care of themselves and their families. Families these days are either one or two paychecks away from losing everything and being homeless in America.  Parents are taking side jobs to earn a few extra dollars and keep the family together. This causes much stress in the household and often strikes fights among the family. Parent’s insecurity about the money, and economic times causes fights and leads to the divorces that are in our country today.
            Another problem with marriages today is that the public isn’t always as supportive as the couple may want them to be or as much as they should be. People tend to be against things that they think are wrong simply due to the fact that they wouldn’t do these things themselves. The public needs to grow a tolerance for more things in our society and be more open to the changes of the times.

            When we look at the more conservative side I must say theses issues are more like speed bumps or hitches in relationships as apposed to the breaking point and divorce.  Our society seems to swing either one way or the other when it comes to the thought of abortion and I think when this happens it is strictly between the couple and no one else business to know their decision. Abortion could be a huge topic but that’s gets into a whole other bag of worms.
            As for the common thought that if you’re not married you cannot have children is just a crazy thought. These days having a kid is not linked with marriage and often when couple are young they have children by mistake. This also does not mean the couple must go ahead and take the next step in getting married as well.  Illegitimacy is just fine with couples and it is not really frowned upon our society today. People sometimes don’t get married due to the cost they don’t have and are together so they have a kid and that is completely fine.

            I think another reason for common separation and divorce in homosexuality is due to society rejecting this form of relationship. People think this is something of wrong terms and not accepted. As for me I think it is nothing different and a choice of the person. People liking the same gender is nothing wrong and just a different choice for what the person truly wants. I can’t change what they want, but simply have to accept it.