Monday, October 3, 2011


As we touch upon the subject of HIV/AIDS in our world today it is a very important topic to talk about. With more than 1.8 million people estimated to have died in 2009 due to HIV/AIDS. This is something that I believe is very overlooked and many people do not take it as serious as it should be dealt with.
With only being 19 years old my generation was not around when this virus started to affect the world population so it seems as though people don’t get to see the outcome of what it was actually like. As a group we are not as careful as we should be due to the fact that this is a huge problem in our society and causes millions to die each year. In 2009 it was said to be 33.3million people living with HIV/AIDS. I myself don’t even know as much as I probably should about this symptom.
Knowing the prevention in my eyes is key, whether its avoiding getting the symptom or in the prevention of spreading it. Ways to get HIV/AIDS is through blood, semen, breast milk and other body fluids. Ways to block the disease is by not sharing needles and also a big one in our society is by always using protection in sexual intercourse and many teens look beyond doing this.

As for my views of this disease is that It is a terrible infection that has happened to our country along with our world and that it must be treated seriously with the correct medication and our society needs to know more about ways to prevent the spread and be more aware about this problem. Too many people barely know what it really is and do not see it as more then just a sickness. Many people think, “oh it could never happen to me” and the truth is that it can happen to anyone so we need to be conscious and take action. 


  1. I like your points and the fact you looked up information and facts. The format is interesting & I like that you add pictures in your posts. You still need to teach me.

  2. I agree with your comment about how our generation is not fully aware of what all of those people actually went through when they first started getting HIV/AIDS. We need to learn more about it and always be aware of the decisions we are making that could lead us to obtaining this disease.