Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Joboya-A Way Of Life

Since recently discussion different situations in class about AIDS/HIV I have come to learn very much about the topic. Even watching these videos about how it becomes spread more and more through out the country of Africa interests me as well.  Before watching the video about sex trade for fish I thought the disease was spread in different ways.  I simply thought that Africa was dirty and that was a catalyst for the virus in spreading quicker then how it does in America. I also believe that the spread happened due to the lack of protection use and precautions. I notice that these women are not really have sex for the enjoyment and pleasure but more along the lines of putting food on the table for their family. I believe that it puts them in a tough position in decided whether they need to go have relations with the local fishermen to get food or to shy away from that to reduce the risk of spreading AIDS. 

As for watching the other video called deadly catch it shows very similar ways of spreading AIDS. It is called the Joboya system that is a relationship that is developed between the fishermen and women who are buying the fish. The women who want to buy the fish not only have to pay the fee to buy it but also must offer sex to the fishers. This is a huge way the HIV/AIDS virus is spread and with the fisherman traveling all over it gives the explanation of how it spreads so quickly. I am very surprised that with all the information that the United States has about prevention of the spreading and also about how bad it affects the body that it is still a intense problem over in Africa and not seen as serious. I know that putting food on the table for your family comes first as a mother but these times must end and try to decrease the spread of the virus.

As for the third video which is about Stephanie Nolen talking about the stories of AIDS in Africa and she starts off talking about how she has been all over the world on very big stories but always went back to Africa to research and follow the issue of AIDS. It makes me realize that she is showing that we see the big news stories that CNN and other news companies cover but we tend to overlook the spread of the AIDS virus. It is such a huge problem over in Africa and it only takes one person to relay the story back her to get the attention of others. I only hope that Ms. Nolen is able to do that in ways to get people’s support and figure out ways the reduction of the spread can be stopped over there. I know that American still does have an issue with this but not as bad and maybe with some education it could be a better place. 

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