Monday, October 17, 2011

Research Sources and Proper CItation

The video assignment we had to do in English was very important and informative in a way that kept the viewer interested. The different videos were all for researching and writing papers with topics of summarizing, using keywords, how many keywords should be used, and the importance of citation.
            The video tells the viewer the importance of writing a summary not to in depth or not writing a word for word of others’ work. This is key to do when not wanting to get in trouble for plagiarisms. The point of a summary is to sum up what someone is saying in a few short sentences and not having to write a whole paper. The other good thing about a summary is that it gives a reader the idea of what they are going to read before opening the novel or paper.  

            As for looking up what you are going to research a good way is to use this second video as a resource on ways to be successful in looking up research sources. The video explains that you must use keywords that are specific to the paper and that would be included in that topic. It helps you know the right amount of words to use along with the library search database.  The keywords that are used are important to get the right sources for your paper.

            Knowing the important keywords for the search box is important along with knowing how many words to actually use. If the searcher uses to many, not many reliable sources will be found but if not enough are used the sources that are found will be too broad for the topic. This helps find useful and knowledgeable articles, papers and even videos.

            As for when it comes to citing your sources that you have used in your paper this is a key step. The point is to give the article or paper’s author credit for the work they have given you and prove that you are not copying their work and taking the credit. That would be plagiarizing and could get the writer in trouble. At CCU it can get you kick out of the class and even in trouble with the entire University.

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