Thursday, October 6, 2011

Way HIV/AIDS was handled in U.S versus Uganda and Thailand

Looking at HIV/AIDS in our country you must look at how our American population handled the issue. With our presidents and political individuals hiding the knowledge that was known and people not knowing what to do, our country was not educated at all.  With our presidents and higher officials embarrassed to talk about the virus due to its thought of being linked with the homosexual community.  The population was not told whether it could be spread through simple everyday contact or if it was through sexual and blood transitions.

            As for the Uganda and Thailand government, they handled the problem a much better way by educating their people and telling them the facts about this deadly infection to prevent more deaths and the spread.  The government would have gatherings to promote safe sex along with even giving out clean syringes to drug users. This didn’t mean they condoned the drug users of the area but they rather see them use clean tools and not spread the HIV/AIDS virus any more then it was already spread. Another way they were able to educate their community was by holding small skits to inform the people what to do and giving out free condoms to promote protective sexual intercourse.

            The Uganda and Thailand movement in getting the message across to their countries really showed how the American population knew very little. Our doctors and officials were hiding the ideas of how it was actually transmitted and did not try to educate the American population in thought that maybe it will just go away if it was not talked about.  This was a mistake by the American government because it did not teach the people what to do and left them in fear and also made them look bad in not educating their population.

This is not really surprising because lets face it, American government always seems to wants to cover up the issues instead of taking them head on. It seems as though they think if they do not talk about it or act as if it doesn’t exist it will simply go away.  This issue could have been handled much better and could have even been done like Uganda and Thailand. The U.S should have given informational talks about the topic, shown videos, and even given out protection to try and stop the spreading to happen as easily. 

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